Take group shots by remotely controlling your iPhone / iPads camera. Inexpensive to design / develop. Possibly partner with retailer/manufacturer to sell compact support rigs – stands, tripods, clamps etc.
Apple Watch may indeed ship with this functionality. I'm curious to see how their official UI turns out. This my minimalistic take on a possible interface.

Rough sketches illustrating ideas for apps. All sketches made with the app Paper by fiftythree
Make public transit easy in a new city. Always know your next move, where you're going, the name of the bus/train or the gate of the plane you're taking. 
– live updates about delays / traffic alerts
– public transit routes / times
– auto itinerary import via email confirmations for travel sites
– location tracking to show distance to your next destination
– remote to GPS moves from a pocketed iPhone. Easier to see when close to the steering wheel.
Easily add contacts by shaking hands. Synchronized motion sensory of the handshake automatically swaps contact information when app is active. Useful for conferences and networking events.
Easily find family/friends in large crowds. Useful for concert events, family mall trips, theme parks etc.
–Main view like a radar to show generic location & direction of everyone in your group
–Crown scroll cycles through specific individuals
–Distance and arrow to guide you to a specific member of your party
–Group text messaging
–Auto reminder "wrist tap" for predetermined meetup locations / times
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