PLUCK disrupt is a consulting service that works closely with executives and Fortune 500 brands to disrupt themselves to build new markets or re-imagine themselves in existing markets.

At the core of this brand is bravery. Our client chose the word "pluck" because of it's two definitions: "to remove with sudden force" and more importantly "spirited and determined courage". After exploring logo marks, shapes, and other visuals to convey the bravery of PLUCK, it was decided that the meaning behind the word was the strongest form of visual expression.

This project saw six rounds of iterations and went through an exhaustive creative process including market research, audience personification and robust visual exploration. The target audience is successful business men between 40 & 60 years old. To prepare the audience for disruption it was important to recognize the success that got them where they are. Therefore we paired organic elements to pay homage to old world success, with modern disruptive elements to pave the way for change. This duality of modern and traditional can be seen in the moodboards and combinations of typefaces on the website.
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