Over the course of 4 months I partnered with Varsity Tutors acquisition team to address the lack of leads through social ads. The existing ads were not engaging, very wordy and only featured product photos. By shifting to benefits-focused imagery messaging we were able to boost social leads tremendously.  

  - 400% increase of video ad output 
  - $1 Million in FB ad spend
  - 19K leads and 5,420 clients in 4 months
Select examples the 100+ static ads created
UGC Video Ads
When it came to creating video content for ads, my stakeholders wanted to repurpose existing video content for ad spots. However, using recycled content felt out of place, was costly, and didn't perform well. I advocated for a different approach: something less labor-intensive and more experimental. Instead of polished ads, I suggested embracing the raw, authentic look of user-generated content (UGC). My UGC solution effectively reduced the workload. I developed numerous scripts and collaborated with multiple content creators to execute a UGC ad campaign with minimal effort, yielding significant results.
  - 350% increase in engagement
  - 3x faster production
  - Record-setting performance for video ads at Varsity Tutor

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