Creating Educational Videos
During COVID, there was a surge in online learning which created a huge demand for content. To meet this need I led a team of editors and motion artists to create long-form videos for a self-study platform. By collaborating with the Chief Academic Officer and celebrity hosts we defined lesson outlines and scripts to produce videos from start to finish. During COVID we could only record virtual sessions or work with pre-recorded class content. It was up to me and my team to create cutaway content that illuminated the topics.
Key Contributions
  - develop scripts, plan and lead remote shooting sessions with celebrities
  - act as primary contributor producer, editor, and motion artist
  - led a team of editors and motion artists to create cutaway content to "illuminate" the topics
  - developed branded titles and asset libraries for each series
  - created ~30 hours of content

One-off video for a summer learning series.

Part of a larger series of classes called "Brain Teasers"

Social promotion fo the class "Comics 101"

Working with Francis was highly collaborative. We made made 5 videos altogether.

One of the videos from "Money Matters", a financial literacy class for kids.

Excerpt of a longer class led by Bill Nye the Science Guy

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