Varsity Tutors provides individualized learning through a suite of products and a world-class tutor matching experience that matches students with the best tutor for their learning style. At Varsity Tutors, I built the brand’s identity, including brand guidelines and an asset library that enabled stakeholders to self-serve and move faster while maintaining brand integrity.
Key Initiatives
  - Logo design, brand guidelines, and graphic language
  - Scaled the customization of sales collateral
  - Modular design system for rapid production of audience/subject specific visuals
  - AI-generated image workflows, prompt formulas and guidance
  - Consistent and engaging product representation
  - 200 BIPs increase in lead conversion
  - 2X faster product visualization
  - 50% cost reduction in stock subscriptions
Modular Design System & Product Library
Varsity Tutors members get access to a plethora of products and services. To meet the high demand for audience and subject-specific imagery, I established a Figma library comprised of responsive and reusable components, which empowered designers to rapidly create on-brand product visualizations. 
Scaled Sales Collateral
Communicating Varsity Tutors’ core value proposition of providing a personalized learning experience started at the top of the sales funnel. Instead of spamming qualified (and valuable) leads with a one-size-fits-all brochure, we created age and subject-specific sales collateral. I led a team of marketers, copywriters, and designers by developing collaborative and automated workflows to create 100+ versions of a 30-page brochure, which resulted in a +200 BIPs increase in lead conversion.
AI-Generated Image Guidelines
The problem: Representing products for virtually every age and subject matter necessitated a high volume of bespoke image comps. Sourcing stock imagery is expensive, time-consuming, and requires discerning judgement to ensure staying on brand.

The solution: I developed AI prompt guidelines and team workflows that enabled the design team and stakeholders to rapidly generate on-brand imagery that met business objectives.
This centralized system + AI guidelines accelerated design by 3-4x.

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